• With a main interest in the systems, situations, and services people find themselves in, my focus is to find out how we can design new ways of living and working together. Through topics like public space, education, policy making, and business innovation, design is a service that has to rediscover its position in society. A designer has to be a person with the ability to redefine the relations between situations, systems, objects, materials and services in our society. Therefor I responds to what I see, hear and feel, offers solutions, alternatives and sometimes provokes with a comment.
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  • Services

    I support research and development of innovative projects for organisations, self organisations and authorities through;

    Strategy and Concept

    That understand problems and learn to be able to develop new services for your group or organisation and stand for An innovative and forward looking vision. That sets new goals for the future based existing qualities and that activates a change strategy to grow from now into the future.

    Project design and service development

    To invent and initiating new projects. Here the aspects of conceptual thinking and strategic intervention come together. Combined they form the foundation of successful and innovative projects. Designing new and improving existing services.


    Investigating the potential and the possibilities to be able to create clear understanding of who you are, what you can make possible and how existing and future problems can be solved.

    Collaboration as a tool and a goal

    It starts with getting to know each other, to have a first talk about ideas, aspirations and where we want to go and the assumed challenge to build the first step into a good collaboration.

    For each project there is a different subject and environment. therefor I work together with a variety of professionals with backgrounds in many disciplines. Designers, scientists and business people, all working together. Local Intelligence is an organisation that builds a team around the needs of a project.

    Understanding that change is necessary and inevitable. Early involvement of a variety of stake holders as experts, locals and others involved to understand and anticipate what’s going. From here we can make change happen fluidly through working together on creating the change. In this process we come across tree key factors, people, processes and context.


    I am intrigued by people and how they live and work, how everything around them fits together to create the system of our society. People are the main asset in our projects, working with these people makes the difference. It is only through them I can understand situation and feeling that belong to situations. And only through them we can discover new potential for places, products and services.

    The process

    How to do this is to carefully design the processes that involve the stakeholders. To step by step develop ways to learn, to challenge ourselves and take others with us on this challenge. Clear management and transparency plays a very important role in creating the situation where innovation can start to exists.

    Look here for an overview of processes that can be activated or go the proces page.

    The context

    We live in a big system called our society. We are all aware that this system needs to be improved, that we need to innovate our acting thinking and acting. In this system small changes can make big differences, however we need to create safe spaces where innovation can start to grow, places where experiments are embraced and people take initiative. There are comparable situations in public space and in organisations where we find a lot of potential, and only the right conditions need to be created to get all this positive and innovative energy out.

    The goal is empowerment, creating innovation together is the only sustainable to let it become part of our culture, a culture where we are not afraid of change. A culture where creative thinking is for everyone and creativity can be found everywhere.

    The research

    In the end I prefer to look at all of this research, a research about how we can work and live together in new ways in the future. Everything I do is part of a bigger puzzle, in every project I learn together with others becoming a bit wiser and inevitably getting a bit closer to the future.

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