• With a main interest in the systems, situations, and services people find themselves in, my focus is to find out how we can design new ways of living and working together. Through topics like public space, education, policy making, and business innovation, design is a service that has to rediscover its position in society. A designer has to be a person with the ability to redefine the relations between situations, systems, objects, materials and services in our society. Therefor I responds to what I see, hear and feel, offers solutions, alternatives and sometimes provokes with a comment.
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    Bas Kools

    Nov, 2015

  • Flexible ceramics G5

    The flexible machine

    For the event Design Bazaar during the Arnhem Fashion Biennial I collaborated with Nina Mrsnik and So-Hyun Kim on a project to make the ‘Flexible ceramics’ technique public.

    For this occasion we invented the flexible machine. An installation and production line to make the process of the flexible ceramics accessible and understandable. We produced small wearable accessories, jewelery that expresses the materiality and possibilities of the technique.

    Sponge, sewing, clay, dipping, drying, firing, selling.

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