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Design is a service for society when applied to public space, education, policy making, business innovation and our material world. The relationships between systems, objects, materials and people can be redefined. Therefore, as a designer, I start my investigations by responding to what I see, hear and feel within complexity of situations. The service I offer is finding new ways of learning, living and working together as a means towards transformative innovation.

Teaching Design Research

The designer as sensor, experiencer and communicator

Berlins Hollywood – Zurück in die Zukunft

Business street innovation through design

Het Eitje van Breda

Innovation in school education

Librarian of the Future

The future of the library is the librarian

Venus Ring

A ring with a story about woman and gender equality

Soldiner Blockparties

Local social innovation through process design

Wer formt die Stadt? II

A discourse to urban design

Art and Neighbourhood a tour in Pankow, Berlin

The fear and hope of change in neighbourhoods


A park as social innovation tool

Sporen uit het verleden

Digital innovation in the classroom