• With a main interest in the systems, situations, and services people find themselves in, my focus is to find out how we can design new ways of living and working together. Through topics like public space, education, policy making, and business innovation, design is a service that has to rediscover its position in society. A designer has to be a person with the ability to redefine the relations between situations, systems, objects, materials and services in our society. Therefor I responds to what I see, hear and feel, offers solutions, alternatives and sometimes provokes with a comment.
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    Bas Kools

    Nov, 2015

  • Neighbourhood signage

    For the Niewe Veste, the Breda graphic design festival and KOP in Breda, the Netherlands I participated in a project about signage for primary education. How can the children from the schools in the neighbourhood help to generate ideas for signage that is useful for them in their neighbourhood. And at the same time, how can these children learn about design and signage.

    I was in charge of group 3/4 (age 6-7) and together we tried to discover which places are the most important in their neighbourhood that would be most needed to have a place on a map. After deciding which places where most important the students worked in groups to think about what this place was about in design drawings and later build a model of this place in cardboard an paper. All together the cardboard models of the children formed a big map on their school yard where the streets and environment was added by drawing on the tiles.

    The result was a map where you can walk into with imaginary models that communicate the essence of the most important places in the neighbourhood.

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