• With a main interest in the systems, situations, and services people find themselves in, my focus is to find out how we can design new ways of living and working together. Through topics like public space, education, policy making, and business innovation, design is a service that has to rediscover its position in society. A designer has to be a person with the ability to redefine the relations between situations, systems, objects, materials and services in our society. Therefor I responds to what I see, hear and feel, offers solutions, alternatives and sometimes provokes with a comment.
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    Bas Kools

    Nov, 2015

  • The future of Utopia – exhibition

    The future of Utopia; Western Europe is being rocked by international financial crises and political shifts and it seems our leaders are looking for short term rescues to keep their countries and the EU strong, to keep holding on what we have. With the elections this 2010 in NL & UK I had a hope to read manifests that went beyond short term rescues, that did not hold on to what we have but where on to create something new, designing new ideals, designing new futures…

    The future of Utopia; What is idealism about today and how, in this world of diversity and complexity world can we work toward ideals worth living for? How does Utopia exist today?

    „Future of Utopia“ is a publication about the future of idealism and how to work towards it. Since the first publication about Utopia through the English humanist Thomas More (1516), „Utopia“ has kept its original meaning. It is interesting to see how this concept is being lived in Europe today and how the future of the concept of utopia looks like. In contrast to the complexity of current structures we are in need of new flexible dynamics and soft systems to embed true social innovation building up from our current capitalist state.

    Therefore this book gives an overview of how creatives and policy makers use future visions to see the present in perspective. The purpose of this study is a documentation of opinions, views and practical tools who together form a conclusion about what idealism can mean for (positive/ sustainable) contemporary development of living in a city.

    The „Future of Utopia“ contains a body of interviews with designers, architects, city planners, artists, historians politicians and journalists aimed to inspire policy makers, practitioners and design schools to practice new ways of living and working together. This book will show how they use their idealism in their work through building a foundation of change!

    „Future of Utopia“ started as a research project by Bas Kools as part of Local Intelligence; he initiated the interviews and showcased an interactive project during the London designweek 2010.

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