Connecting contemporary art with social innovation

Connecting contemporary art with social innovation. We create new platforms to innovate complex decision making processes for leaders in society. Through these new learning systems we supply the change that is necessary in the way we build and interact in the urban environment.

We believe that the complex processes that shape our society can be part of a shared effort and therefore looked at in a much broader sense. In fact an open and creative mind is necessary to come to new understandings of how situations can be solved and new policies can be developed to fulfil future needs. Through this artistic service we supply the learning systems for decision making processes to fulfil future needs.

HomeBase Project is a non for profit site specific artist in residence and research program focused on the notion of ‘home’. Founded in 2006 in NYC by artist and curator Anat Litwin, HomeBase seeks to investigate the connection between home and humanity – fostering interconnectedness through contemporary art, while cultivating community, education, and cross cultural dialog through site-specific interventions in under served urban neighborhoods.

Since its foundation HomeBase Project has transformed five urban sites in NYC and Berlin into vital artistic and educational platforms and has received major recognition by the public and in the media as “a new model for public art”. With this success and a clear acknowledgment of the important cultural need that HomeBase fulfills, we are developing and implementing a strategy for creating long lasting sustainability and bringing HomeBase to new communities worldwide.

At its seventh year, and with rich accumulated knowledge, HomeBase is now offering a new service for the leaders of our society and an instrument for organisations, authorities and institutions worldwide to further advance their impact in the world, creating a meaningful synergy between artists, municipal authorities, businesses and the public, empowering urban dwellers to join the movement towards a healthier society.

The HomeBase Service asks to support leaders and decision makers to deliver intelligent and insightful decisions, based on an innovative approach that sees the creative process at the core of social change, and the act of building a thriving urban setting as a work of art.