Intimidating city

Walking trough the city, and in particular trough London gives me a impersonal, anonymous feeling. Strange ways of moving around without paying attention to anyone. Walking, looking straight forward with just one goal, to go to their destination. On the street, in the bus and metro, nobody communicates and tries to close of from interference with sunglasses and headphones.

In this way especially business districts as London Bishops gate which are already grey and artificial become even more unpleasant. Anonymous buildings, grey overwhelming concrete, no horizon, completely surrounded by stone.

In this anonymous environment I found a way to get personal without interfering people on their journey. Close-up pictures that don’t influence them but me. Making these pictures following people, behaving normal, I feel uncomfortable. I feel I’m intimidating people by getting to close without them knowing.

Through touch I have a desire to provoke people in an environment. To trap, capture a person for a moment. Like a forced embrace embrace. At first a little frightening but if you give in it can be a pleasant comforting hug.

A sudden intimate action can be interpreted as intimidating. It is like the flesh eating plant, a nice place that suddenly closes like an embrace. A human trap, an embrace that holds you for a while.