Lolly lab (delicious design)

Delicious Design

The lollylab is all about the process of making and creating; storytelling, a history, an origin. It speaks about life, feeling and senses and romance. About the necessity of stories for us people. The origin of this project lies in my infinite idealism, my hope at a society and environment which offers more than just pure materialism but without the loss of science and technology.

It seems today that everybody is consumed with reality shows and celebrities, without an independent life of their own. Surrogate becomes meaning and goal. In our contemporary human world is little room for emotion and spontaneity; it’s cold, sometimes harsh and most of all it’s a distant world. In my opinion there’s a large grey area, a world with little imagination. Not only the objects that surround us give little reason for inspiration, also the way we experience these things are far from inspiring. Everything is fixed, controlled, comes in a standard model, prefabricated and/or is secured and safe. Do we still believe in authenticity and genuineness, in a world of live and let die? And if so, what do we mean by that: how do we define these concepts? It seems to be rather a matter of experience and participation, with total surrender to new experiences but by playing an active role.

From my point of view the cause of this uninspiring world lies in the fact that we have a lot of everything. Objects that tell neither a story nor have a history. They cost a lot but do not have an own identity and are without any emotion. We love to surround us with pretty expensive stuff that has no origin. I prefer object that are handmade bought directly from the creator, a social aspect of the market that almost seems to be lost in a moneymaking world. it looks like it is just a matter of time before we buy all our products from the internet without any form of direct communication?

The lollylab is about the concept as explained above: an overwhelming experience, a value that cannot be measured or compared in terms of money. The story is my goal and the process my tool.

This project is about my opinion of design. The word design seems to represent slick and expensive products these times. I believe design should be more accessible to the audience/consumers. I started out with this idea and created a laboratory and all the necessary tools to make lollypops. The lolly is the eventual product of my work; the process of making could be considered as a performance, the lollypop as a new experience for consumer. Design is not only about high-tech furniture and modern tableware; it can also be a tasteful experience. A product that tends to stimulate the senses (visual, scent and taste): I have created an environment, an atmosphere and a new kind of memory. I try to give the concept of design a new meaning by creating a place for personal fantasy and the romance of traditional methods. Perhaps it seems a fairy-tale, but a rather fair and real tale I believe.