A park as social innovation tool

It was colorful and gregarious “Park taste” in the Fritz-Castle-Park. On six Sundays, LocalSmarts has enriched the visitors with homemade lollies and warm drinks. Various groups and clubs as well as individual neighbors came to participate in the program. For sports fans, such as Boule, disc golf, Slackline and Heigln on different Sundays were to choose. The moabiter homeless hostel was Viking chess games available. Susanne B-laden came to lead talks about Moabit and told the story to the Fritz-Castle-Park.

The District Council of make-up and tinkering possibilities offered for parents and children. The family Centre helped in the design of the framework programme with games including sack race, tunnels and Rainbow parachute and the children of Justice opened its doors. For a music program, the Moabiter bluegrass and others made folk band “Fehou” and the Duo “Goldfeather”. In addition, the Kurt Tucholsky offered a primary school by the students their own choreographed dance the to join invited. Young people aged between 11 and 19 years have helped Lolly lab assistant, making lollies to explain others and handed out flyers to curious walking.

Many children and parents, as well as long-standing and new neighbors came Sunday to spend Sunday together time. Some erntdeckten this alternative neighborhood hangout at the pass and were drinking tea and making with invited. Thank you to all who were there. We keep the Park flavor Sundays fondly and hope that you continue meets new tradition in the Park!