Isn’t it strange that we find remains and fossils of past cultures and generations but almost all their belongings have decomposed and are just color marks in layers in the ground. The proof of their presence on this earth is reduced to almost nothing. Now imagine what future civilizations will find of ours keeping in mind that plastic is not or almost not influenced by decomposing and look around you what in your room, house, environment is made from plastic. Think away everything that can decompose and you got what’s left of our society after 1000 years covered by a thin layer of soil.

Imagine a machine, thing, whatever, with just the plastic on the machine. A wasteland filed with a huge variety of plastic shapes in all colors and sizes seen as fossils of a past society. It could be your kettle or iron, parts of cars, alarm clock, etc. etc.

Think of this together with the immense amount of plastic waste we produce every day, the immense amount of indestructible evidence of our lifestyle. A plastic layer on the earth, in the ground, like you find historical layers of ancient villages today.

A Fossil, a funny thing about fossils is that they nor really represent the trough. A fossil always is a little strange, forced in a position a animal would never lie down because of the pressure of the earth on the body. Almost an isometric projection of a body.