Sporen uit het verleden

Digital innovation in the classroom

Traces from the past (Sporen uit het verleden) is a digital arts education curriculum about cultural heritage. Commissioned by CLIP Oosterhout / CLIP Dongen, we went looking for the story behind the local heritage of the towns of Oosterhout and Dongen in the Netherlands. Traces from the past stimulates a continuous art education for all groups from 3-8 of primary schools.

Through the Locoles web-site the groups of all elementary schools in Oosterhout and Dongen will access the teaching material. The teaching material consists of several parts: the voyage of  “Raf” (the main character) with supporting videos, maps of Oosterhout and Dongen with different locations and objects, background information and the DIY page.

Our main character in this teaching module is called Raf and is a boy of 13 years old. Raf has inherited his grandfather’s a backpack containing old objects from the past including a letter from his grandfather. In the letter his Grandpa explains his legacy and he asks to Raf to find the stories behind the objects in the bag. These objects are part of several heritage sites from Oosterhout and Dongen.

He looks at all the objects makes pictures of the objects and then goes on his way to find the different places. The children from the different groups of the elementary schools go to visite these place. On each locations children are stimulated to look, examine and think about what heritage is. What can this place tell us?

The Doepagina; Via the “Do” page in the App, the children and their teacher to work actively with the subject. For all lessons are there assignments and a conversation topics. The children can look up background information and be encouraged and challenged to put their own creativity in the various arts education assignments they work through.

The ErfGoede booklet; In addition to the digital section, we have developed The “ErfGoede booklet”. This is a booklet the children can create themselves. Teh function is to create a link between the digital interface, the assignments and the locations the twill visit.


  • Client: Patrice Macalinao CLIP  Dongen  Oosterhout
  • Concept and development: Bas Kale, Bouke van Gestel and Marja Reniers (Beeldlokaal)
  • Voice Raf: Samuel Kalu
  • Computer voice: Cees van Lanschot
  • Voice Grandma: Gisela van Lanschot-Gockel
  • Thanks to Heritage Brabant