Future scenarios is what we sell!

The scenario’s are to implement slowly in communities and experiment with how we can live in a world based around other values than just the economic. Experiments with a social approach, researching sharing, open-source communities of knowledge and materials. Based around the prospect of the introduction of second hand market in Ljubljana and later the whole of Slovenia to give an notion of what an other approach can offer to the people of a place.

Important aspects
– Giving value to second hand products and materials
– Inventing new future scenario’s of reuse and trade / sharing / exchange of objects by experimentation
– How to live with objects en a consumer world?
– From user to re-user
– Helping (disadvantaged) people to live creatively with the available resources

The three future scenarios to be made
– Seccond-hand Money
– Blue-print Design
– Story medium, a product family tree

Scenario 1, Second-hand Money

A brainstorm with Ivana and Andrej.
Money turns to material, what is next? Material and objects turn into… value, time, dedication, effort made, love, the story told…

Money is value. An alternative value system based on time dedicated and love invested!
We created the idea of money that is an exchange value depending on what you did to earn the money. It is like a favour you give to someone and you get this back to ask for a favour yourself. To showcase the concept we printed our own favour money to start handing out in the Trgovina when people brought the materials they didn’t want anymore.

Scenario 2, Blue-print Design

The blue print design concept is based around the idea of knowledge sharing, that if you do something you make this knowledge public in a sort of database of ideas and ways to make thing. But of course a blueprint can be used for almost everything, if it is a blueprint to teach yourself yoga of how to make a kite or a chair or how to start your own business, anything is possible.

Scenario 3, Story medium Product family tree

An object carries a history from material to making, selling using, abusing, out of use, throw away, garbage collection, second hand shop, buying. During this process a lot of value is created that in our current way of looking at things is most of the time being forgotten, or neglected. How can stories, history and experiences of an object contribute to the value, how can we become aware of these stories, can we create a map, an objects personal family tree from origin to now!

On invitation of (Grupa), a Slovenian collective of artist and designers. This one week research project of (Grupa), was presented during Bio 2010, in Ljubljana.