Venus Ring

A ring with a story about woman and gender equality

In the time that mankind was a nomadic species, woman and man where equal, tasks and responsibilities where shared. When mankind started to settle down and live in one place, partially because of the social technological situation they found them selves in, this started to change.

Today we have look around and see that the possibility to move towards a more nomadic lifestyle, we are slowly becoming more mobile again. Maybe this is also a chance for woman and man to be come more equal again, to strive for gender equality.

This Venus ring is a symbol for the power of the woman, female independence and gender equality. There is much speculation about this female figure that is estimated to have been made between about 28,000 and 25,000 BCE and is one of the earliest man made sculptures. A a small gesture, where one of the oldest sculptures is made with one of the newest techniques, trying to stretch the 28.000 years with a story about woman, care and gender equality.