• With a main interest in the systems, situations, and services people find themselves in, my focus is to find out how we can design new ways of living and working together. Through topics like public space, education, policy making, and business innovation, design is a service that has to rediscover its position in society. A designer has to be a person with the ability to redefine the relations between situations, systems, objects, materials and services in our society. Therefor I responds to what I see, hear and feel, offers solutions, alternatives and sometimes provokes with a comment.
  • What is on your mind!?

  • What means local for you?

  • Drawing machine

    I designed a machine with which you can draw without seeing and reacting on the result of your drawing. You draw in the air. You draw with only your mind as reference on what you are drawing. The drawing system plays with your visual system of coordination and correction using your eyes. Don’t let your brain react or correct on the sort of line or visual effect you make while drawing. Now you have to imagine and remember everything you have drawn related to positions of your body or points of orientation in your environment.

    A physical action to draw virtual with a physical output.

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