Active wellfare

In July 2008 I was involved in the Active Welfare Workshop, as part of the World Design Capital International Design Summer School in Torino.

We where asked to take a look at the local heathcare system of Cuneo ASL 1. In the workshop we focused on the collaboration between designers, patients, doctors, pharmacists, and their local public health representatives to explore the future potential of the local health system in south Torino.??Together with a number of international designers who were working in various design arenas including strategic design, service design and urban design and with the workshop leaders, Lesh and Laszlo from FuelFor, we focused on rehabilitation, obesity and access to care. Working in teams and carried out fieldwork at a rehabilitation hospital in a town called Fossano, interviewing patients, family members, therapists, doctors & nurses and pharmacists. From the fieldwork we gathered insights creating various visions and opportunities for a number of design proposals.