A doctor for the workspace

For RSA Designdirections I worked on a vision how to deal with the recovery of mentally ill people

While Recovering from mental illness, work takes an important position and can bring social and financial stability. We have to fix our workspace!

Mental illness

As the numbers say, one in four people among us has a form of mental illness, which makes it after back pain the second biggest illness in the country. Who is this one in four, is it you, me, the neighbor?

Mental illness these days is an issue we are all confronted with. It is not the illness itself that is the problem, it is the acceptance of people with mental illness in our society. People who work and live with recovering patients are the ones who can help giving support and an idea of acceptance and value.

The problem I’m addressing is the acceptance of mental illness at work. Work is of great importance in our society today. It contributes to having housing, social connections and a sense of a place in our society. It is the public understanding and acceptance in general that has to change for people to recover completely, coming back to a job or maintaining a job, this will be even better.