Geoship – Bioceramic Architecture

In the future we won't live in boxes

We offer affordable sustainable homes that resonate with life. Where nature’s optimal balance of light, water, and magnetism is respected. Out beyond ideas of right angles and straight lines there’s a stone circle home. We’ll meet you there.

Imagine a home that is fireproof, flood proof, insect proof, earthquake and hurricane resistant, has 96% less embodied energy, is operationally regenerative, lasts for 500 years, reflects 80% of radiant heat, is 100% non-toxic, built 6x faster, and costs 1/2 as much. A home that resonates with your inner sense of beauty in ways that no other home can. (Ask us how and why!)

Geoship is on the leading edge of a revolution in material science. We are building the world’s first pure ceramic homes. Highly efficient mass production, shipped anywhere in the world, and rapidly assembled with zero waste. Super premium bioceramic homes, with electrochromic glass, and health optimizing features, at very affordable prices. This is Geoship bioceramic architecture.