The world is square

‘The world is square, borders are square, land is square, street blocks and houses are square, gardens are square, doors and windows are square, trees are square, furniture is square, cars are square, my computer is square, tiles are square, the table is square, my locker is square, my glasses are square, systems are square, THINKING IS SQUARE.’

I mind the squareness and, in a small way, try to make the world a bit less ridged with my take on things, situations and systems. In my strive for this I present the following projects; Flexible ceramics, Captured by a chair and Paper house. These projects try to play with flexibility and change of objects, use of materials and systems. As I work the experiment in material and effect is important. Trying to figure out where a project leads I find options and select the ones most strong and expressive.

The origin of the most of my work lies in the social behavior that surrounds me and attracts my attention. The reaction on this inspiration is often a comment and a playful approach to not only raise awareness but to find, on a small personal scale, a solution.

Relating to my way of work I like the charm, the risk and the appealingly randomness of the approach of Zaphod Beeblebrox has in Douglas Adams, ‘Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’:

‘I don’t know what I’m looking for.’ ‘Why not?’ ‘Because … because … I think it might be because if I knew I wouldn’t be able to look for them.’

Download here a foldable square world